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I eat a healthful diet because I Love my Heart

 Author: Tiffany L. Carolli  Category: Australia  READ NOW

All My Cholesterol Answers – Health for Active People – Kindle Ebook

This book is here because it helped me keep me in keeping healthy as I have high cholesterol and my friend, Mauricio who passed away from a heart condition, did too.

โ€œI eat a healthful diet because – I LOVE MY HEART – All My Cholesterol Answersโ€ is the book for you if you just found out you have high cholesterol. Especially if you are an active person, you may find yourself with many questions, some quite specific.
You would want to know what is this condition, what you can do to lower it naturally and what the medical and nutritional information mean to you.

This book is about the basic answers and it is divided into three parts:

PART 1 – Cholesterol and Your Health
What is Cholesterol? HDL?
What Does My Blood Test Result Mean?
What Will Improve if I Lower My Cholesterol Levels?
What is the New Cholesterol Theory?

PART 2 – Reducing your Cholesterol
How Do I Read Nutritional Information on Labels?
The Glycemic Index
Foods to Avoid
The Best Foods to Lower Cholesterol
Information about meals and Snacks; Eggs; Nuts; Red Wine
Industrialized Foods Designed for You

PART 3 – Your Habits and Your Cholesterol Levels
Weight Loss; Exercise; I Am Already Active
Supplemental & Natural Therapies
Cholesterol Medications
Habits that Increase Cholesterol

This was written to make you more equipped to direct your actions to a healthier outcome. You will learn that cholesterol is not a villain, it occurs naturally in the body. We will explain what your blood test is telling you and what to look for in the products’ labels to lower your cholesterol in an easy way. Find out what foods, supplements and natural therapies are beneficial.
Paying attention and making small wise decisions it is all that is required, there is no need to cut out entire food groups or punish your body with starvation. Remember that changing your diet to a heart healthy one is a balancing, not a disappearing, act.
You will learn about stress and what some new theories are claiming, and how in the end the natural ways to reduce cholesterol are always beneficial for your health and heart.
By the end of the book you will have a better understanding of the condition, and that not only will living a healthier lifestyle potentially lower your cholesterol levels before they hurt you, it will also increase your life expectancy and maybe even solve other health issues. After all, I am sure you love your heart, your health and your life! Find here a guide to healthy cholesterol, click, buy and starting getting answers right now.