Episode Zero – About this Podcast and Podcaster

In this episode, I will tell you what brings me here, why I’m creating this podcast.

What is to have stories and a desire to create pounding inside your chest…

Following, I will explain what the show will be about, the creation of Creative Space Mastery, the concept of opening a space for creativity to come through.

Who is the podcast for? Who can create something? Can you start right now? You will find some answers.

Lastly, I will give you a bit about who I am, what I have learnt about the creative process, and that if I can do it, most people can.


In this show, you will hear about how to establish a framework to get your creative practice going bringing in consistent creative productivity.

I’m Tania Crivellenti, an author who has been on the storytelling path for 20 years now, in joy or in chaos, and I’m able to be productive every week.

I invite artists and all types of creators and trailblazers out there to hear about a practical process, metaphors and examples to achieve Creative Space Mastery.

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